The home as a profound expression of one’s personality: this is the ambitious goal that Alessandro Calligaro wants to achieve with his interior design.

Thanks to an idiosyncratic and eclectic professionalism (he is both psychotherapist and interior designer), he is able to capture, after a few preliminary meetings, the personality traits and desires that his clients wish expressed in their homes.

Alessandro Calligaro’s ambition is to create a unique and personalized habitat for each of his clients. All too often one finds generic and homogeneous spaces that are the result of interior decoration: those houses found in the pages of decorating magazines which look too similar because they are based on the latest trend. The individualism and personal history of the client are lost to the pervasive uniformity of the total look, and so it becomes completely impossible to identify the personality of the inhabitants.

Instead Alessandro Calligaro strives for personalized solutions by evaluating the tastes, emotions, memories and desires of the client. It is a kind of “therapy” through the house, which has immediate positive repercussions on the quality of life of the inhabitants by developing a harmony between esthetic and psychological needs, between elegance and well being.

The fundamental elements to which Alessandro Calligaro dedicates particular care are the details, which have an evocative power, and through which it is possible to distinguish one space from another. It is in the details that his work of integrating psychology and design achieves its greatest success; his work is not simply the positioning of diverse elements from different eras, but in evaluating the importance of the objects and their placement in the living space in order to indicate personality and individuality, a process which, with the assistance of Alessandro Calligaro, can evolve in time and reflect one’s personal evolution.